TRIUMPH. Trophies for the winners of the 8th Visayas-wide Frisbee Tournament.

BAYBAY CITY, Leyte – Baybay City’s Sikawati Team, previously known as Fusebox, posted two-year straight victories by defeating seven teams in the 8th VSU-wide Ultimate Frisbee Tournament at VSU Lower Oval, on July 30.

The other seven registered teams were Hilongos Team, OC (Ormocannons), AGAW Ultimate, Sogod Hoppers 1, Sogod Hoppers 2, Beastmode and Friends (Isabel Team), and the Albuera Caballeros.

Sikwati Team whipped all the participating teams in a two day round robin tournament posting 11 goals.

Sikwati Team player Almira Deligero expressed happiness in winning and revealed their strategy in playing.

"Our strategy was we worked hard every afternoon. We had our practice games and especially we helped each other.”

Likewise, Sikwati's coach Ceriaco Barcos Jr. was pround after notching a back-to-back championship title. As they won the tournament, Barcos aimed to promote the game, frisbee, to the university.

"For those who want to play, we could teach them. In frisbee, there’s no need for money, what you need is the spirit to play," Barcos said.

On the other hand, AGAW Ultimate Team fell short by 3 points away to championship, bagging the 1st Runner-up title, with Sogod Hoppers 1 as the 2nd Runner-up.

Despite lose, other teams expressed their appreciation to be part of this year’s Goodwill Utimate Games.

“Thank you so much Goodwill for a nice and enjoyable game this year. Hope it will continue in the coming years," said Janus Dela Cruz, AGAW Ultimate player.

The event was held as part of the 93rd Visayas State Univeristy Founding Anniversary, Goddwill Games which was organized by the VSU First Kiss Ultimate Frisbee Club.

The top four teams would be invited for the VSU Exhibition Game on August 10 to promote frisbee to a greater crowd.

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