CERTIFIED LEADERS. Participants of the 2017 Student Leadership Congress pose with their certificates at the end of the event. Photo by Tristan Miasco/VSU Web Team intern.

“Last time, it was more on lectures. It was actually useful but what we’re trying to achieve is learning while having fun. They are doing activities that are new to them because they have national speakers. They assess themselves and the things they learned after each activity.”

Ate Cherrie is now making a name for herself globally. Recently, she had been awarded as one of the 2016 Ten Outstanding Women in the Nation's Service, and the 'Earth Mover' award through Rappler on Move.Ph.

Be inspired by this story of a little guy with big dreams.


He's back doing what he truly loves.

Awards keep pouring in for AGREA CEO, proud farmer, and VSU alumna Cherrie Atilano.

Living in a campus dormitory is considered by most students as a great privilege and a significant part of University life.

You may have a lot of money today, but for tomorrow no one knows.

Here is an exposē of some of our well-known behaviors that seem to defy set of ettiquettes.

During disasters or emergencies, a calm and ready mind and body will help you make it through distressful times.

Just flip the view on your camera, hold it at a high angle, position your thumb on your best side, and voila! You just took a selfie.

LOVE. A couple enjoys a romantic walk at the VSU Eco Park

The ‘what ifs’ of Viscan undergrads’ love match

DOTA 2 is a 3d version of the popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle ARENA) Craze 'DOTA'. It caught popularity fast, and has since become a Filipino favorite, six years into its release. But only recently have we become really prominent in the International scene, with teams 'TNC', 'Mineski', and 'Execration' stepping up.

After being most of his life on Earth with limited contact to humans, Gardner can only learn to be one from the internet and the couple of adults that live with him in Mars.

Here's 90 good things about VSU that you might not want to miss.

Visayas State University is known as one of the prestigious institutions in the Visayas. It manifests good quality education, training and instruction that persuade students to choose Visayas State University as their alma mater, aside from that, with the use of high standard and concrete materials to good quality buildings that has unique structures and angles that were well-planned and designed by credible engineers.

Our University Emblem—what is it to YOU?

“Utod! Utod! Pangasugan! Pangasugan”

Nais sana naming magbahagi ng isa sa mga nagawang isulat dahil sa mga module na pinaghirapang buoin ng ating mga guro.

Stories of recovery 2 years after Yolanda.

I felt that time that the rain is the only one that understood what I really felt and I’m pretty sure that the raindrops were going to conceal my all my tears. Maybe that’s the reason why I felt courageous in showing my true emotions; because I knew nobody could see me or thought I just felt I had to do it.

"Partying is such a great sorrow...but I'll say goodbye and let it be morrow." -Shakespeare