Campus News

WALANG PASOK. Classes are suspended on January 16, Monday, as some campus roads became impassable due to floods. Photo by Weneline Baliña/Amaranth.

A low pressure area off Samar island has brought heavy rains and flooding, rendering some campus roads impassable.

2nd semester enrollment

Long queues greeted the returning students of Visayas State University, fresh from their holiday breaks to enroll for the 2nd semester.

"I will make sure that your new student council will take immediate actions regarding your concerns," says the new student regent.

Although Julia had a history of epileptic seizures, Dr. Zafico cannot confirm that the death is related to epilepsy

The Supreme Court ruling on Marcos’ burial didn’t escape the discussion.

"The gym has become too small for us. Next year, we will start to build the gym extension," the President said.

Mark Michael Unlu-cay, CAFS SSC President, and senior Development Communication student, has been elected to the VSU student regent position with a 9-12 vote on July 16.


The VSU Gymnasium was filled with applause and cheers as the winners of different categories were declared during the Songfest Competition last night, September 21, 2016.

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