WOUNDED. Noreen Ampalayo lies on the floor after colliding with the opposing team player.

BAYBAY CITY, Leyte – Centaurs Futsal striker Nooren Amplayo fell and injured her head during a game against the Guardians on Thursday, September 19 at the Pangasugan Gymnatorium.

Amplayo was striding fast to kick the ball when she collided with the opposing team's player and fell headfirst to the ground. The fall caused an avulsion to her head that needed stitching.

She was immediately brought to the VSU Infirmary and was later transferred to the Ormoc Doctors' Hospital.

The University Supreme Student Council (USSC) has since extended monetary help to the family shouldering the over-all hospital expenses of about PHP 14,000 in total.

The original bill mounted to PHP 29,000, but advance payment from the victim's family, as well as, the Philhealth insurance lessened the cost.

According to USSC President Chad Christian Wales, the council had to up its effort to shoulder the sum. The USSC guidelines state that the medical assistance provided to individuals who acquired physical injuries requiring surgery and extended hospitalization is 3,000-pesos

"At first the USSC originally only wanted to give her the 3,000-pesos medical assistance, but after hearing that her family will not be able to pay for her medical bills and might not get her discharged from the hospital, USSC started to up its efforts to get her discharged before the medical bill piles up higher," Wales explained.

"..gi-shoulder sa USSC ang bills sa family until such time nga ma-reimburse through the insurance sa university para sa intramurals at least man lang ma-discharge ang student," he added.

(USSC shouldered the family's bills until such time they are reimbursed through the university insurance for the intramurals. This is the least we can do to have the student discharged.)

Team Centaurs advanced to the finals with no coach and striker, still clinching the championship title.

Amplayo has been discharged from the hospital on Saturday, September 21.

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