CHAMPS. UISB winners' Angelo Astudillo, Ayron Garrido and Ruel Lamberte poses with quiz show master Derek Alviola (right corner) and UISB Pres. Junrey Goles (2nd from the left) after receiving their prize.

BAYBAY CITY, Leyte – Despite near miss, Molave Men’s Home Team C bagged the championship title in the University Inter-dorms Student Body (UISB) and University Supreme Student Council (USSC) quiz show held at the VSU gymnatorium, on Sunday, November 19.

The three-member team, composed of junior students Ayron Garrido, Angelo Astudillo and Ruel Lamberte, toppled 60 teams from other dormitories who participated in the annual competition.

Coming close were Coconut Dormitory as first-runner-up, Mulberry Men’s Home as second runner-up, and Mahogany Men's Home and Ilang-Ilang Ladies Dormitory as third and fourth, respectively.

The quiz show questions were based on 45 minor subjects offered in VSU, including current events and general knowledge.

Molave Men’s Home already took the lead by garnering 26 points during the first preliminary round on November 13, Monday. The organizers of the quiz show decided to advance all teams to the second round, after the "digital" first round did not push through as planned.

According to UISB President Junrey Goles, it was their way of making up for all the troubles encountered in the previous show after WiFi problems stalled and bungled the first preliminary round.

Advancing to the second round, Molave garnered 18 points, getting a total of 44 points, which made them advance to the head-to-head final round with other four teams. The previous UISB quiz show finalists were going to use a buzzer to determine who answers first.


After a thrilling head-to-head round, Molave Men’s Home and Coconut Dormitory tied with the score of 330 points.

A tie-breaking question was then given to determine the champion.

Coconut Dormitory was believed to have pressed the buzzer first and got the correct answer, causing everyone who supported Coconut to rejoice over the supposed victory. However, a person from the audience, who wanted to keep his name unidentified, approached the organizers showing a video clip which recorded the moment of truth.

After several reviews, it was found out that Molave got to press the buzzer first.

Quiz Master and UISB Adviser Mr. Ulderico Alviola decided to give another tie-breaking question. Molave Men’s Home quickly and clearly hit the buzzer first and was able to give the right answer.

Molave Men’s Home with 360 points, received a trophy, medals and cash prize of P4,500 pesos. Coconut Dormitory, which fell short to 330 points, was able to bring home a trophy, medals and a cash prize of P3,000 pesos. A trophy, medals and P1,500 pesos in cash were awarded to Mulberry Men’s Home as the third placer.

The Baybay City Youth Development Office supported the quiz show through former VSU student regent and now the office's acting head, Mark Michael Unlu-cay.

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