REFUND. Dorm occupants who paid the semester in full ask Prof. Manolo B. Loreto, Dean of Students, for a month refund as they are requested to leave by Dec. 3 for SCUAA. Photo by Derek Alviola/DDC.

BAYBAY CITY, Leyte—Some dorm occupants asked for a refund for their dormitory payments during the first general assembly of the University Inter-Dormitory Student Body (UISB) on November 6, 2017 at the VSU gymnatorium.

This was after Prof. Loreto requested the dorm occupants to leave early, so VSU could prepare the dorms and academic buildings as lodging for the delegates of the Regional State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) games this December 9-14, 2017.

“On December 2, we will have our synchronized general cleaning. All dormitories shall be emptied by noon of December 3,” Loreto said.

The preparations will cut students’ stay in the dormitories for a month to make way for the SCUAA delegates, prompting some students who had already paid their dorm rents in full to request for a refund.

Loreto asked the students to change their perspective.

“I am appealing to you. Let this be your contribution for the success of the SCUAA,” Dean Loreto said, causing an uproar of agreements and disagreements from the students.

UISB President Junrey Goles stressed that agreeing to this appeal is a small favor for being “given the privilege” to stay in the dormitories.

The Dean of Students however, clarified that this is not mandatory but an appeal for help. He then asked for the names of those who wanted a refund, so the administration can sit down with them and address their requests.

The final decision to this problem is still subject to a discussion with the administration, he explained.

As of now, the issue has not been discussed by the both parties since the students who requested for the refund during the assembly have not yet showed up in the USSO.

Loreto however, clarified that if students agree to the said appeal they’ll be listed as one of the event sponsors.

“Their contribution will be recognized in the SCUAA as we will include the UISB in the list of the sponsors for the event,” the Dean said.

Loreto advised non-participants of the upcoming event to look for an alternative place to stay until the SCUAA culminates, especially those who will be extending their stay to work on their academic requirements.

He also promised he will personally look for a school building to house the students who will be displaced.

The VSU delegates will be staying in the Sampaguita Ladies Hall along with other participants of the event.

Paying for electricity

Loreto also discussed the Power Purchase Adjustment (PPA) that is shouldered by the administration. According to him, the PPA of each student is continuously increasing by the year and that the administration can no longer carry a lone responsibility of paying it.

Loreto gave the students two proposals: that the PPA be now charged directly to the dormitory occupants, or indirectly by increasing the dormitory fees.

“If you don’t want the PPA be charged to you, then there is a need (for you) to augment the dormitory fees,” Loreto said.

The Dean, however, did not give any fixed amount for the augmentation or when the increase will be imposed since the matter is still subject to more comprehensive discussions. Furthermore, he said that the decisions on this matter will still depend on the discussions about the free tuition program.

Dean Loreto also added that the free tuition program will be implemented before the school year ends and there may be other free school fees which will possibly be implemented next school year.

Other matters raised during the meeting, such as the repair operations of broken facilities in the dorm were also addressed by the Dean.

After the open forum, the Dean of Students said that he was happy that the students’ concerns were addressed and added that he was willing to entertain more concerns, only that the time was limited.

The oathtaking of the new set of UISB officers followed after the open forum and the discussion of the upcoming dorm activities for this school year.

The second general assembly of the UISB is scheduled on the 2nd semester of SY 2017-2018.

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