Just a little ray of sunshine peeped a little in the midst of dark gray clouds; tiny droplets of water came pouring in again. There and there again came the rain after one heavy downpour left two hours ago! Years back, students had been complaining about the heavy rains in the campus. The peculiar nature of our weather had already been an old overused joke. We usually quote, “There are two seasons in VSU; the wet and the very wet seasons. True. If we are only to consider the rain as a blessing, then it would be safe to say that VSU had been truly blessed.

However, it seems, for most of the students, that the rain is more of a curse than a blessing. We usually speak ill of it. Oftentimes do we make it as a culprit behind our potential lethargic nature. Due to heavy rains, we tend to not to attend classes and spend the whole day sleeping, taking aside all our assignments and other school works. We can say that the rain lulled us and made sleeping really inevitable. But if we are going to assess ourselves, we will really see that it is never the rain’s fault. It is indeed our own choices.

While some of us might exclaim on the idea of the rain as a bringer of the joy of sleep, some of us might say it kills joy. Just like our own mothers when we are still kids, the rain sends us all to stay indoors. Often we think of the so many things we could do outside hadn’t the rain came. All we could do is just to sigh while peeping at windowsills. However, if we are going to think about it, we could still go out and take advantage of the rain. For all we know, fun might be way different with the rain. We might even say it is way better.

Rains do occur naturally just as it had become natural for us to eat, to take a bath, to pee. The problem with most of us is that we tend to exaggerate events and take them as odds insurmountable for us to overcome. Though they are tiny droplets of drizzle, we often grumble too much.

Together with the heavy rains we commonly experience in VSU, we are also bombarded by heavy “rains” in our student lives. Being a VSU student is difficult because being one entails being drenched under the rain literally and figuratively. Whenever the rain pays us a visit, we tend to hide. Our determination tends to waiver that we no longer become the determined persons we knew All we could do is just to sigh and shake our heads thinking we can never come across the road of fulfillment. But if we are only going to think twice and eye the rain differently we surely could find a simpler way across. After all, rains are inevitable. They will just come to pass. Just as it was our choice to sleep on dorms instead of going to class, just as it was our choice to hide when the rain comes, life, in the same way is a matter of choice. Life is indeed what we make it.

Looking years back, I find myself appreciating the good old days when the then ViSCA had been well-known for the strong character of its students. In situations so dire, there emerges the indomitable character of a true-blue ViSCAn that even in the midst of heavy rains and nothingness, the ViSCAn survives. They are the bold and daring bunch who are now on success’ wings. Truly success is at its sweetest when one experiences the bitter and the most bitter of things.

We have to live by the image that those who came before us had already built. Let’s continue the legacy that they had left for us to emulate.

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