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Why Unlike VSU

By Laarni Alfaro After much discussion with your parents, finally you’ve chosen where to go for college. “Mag Biska ko, Ma!” “Ngano man mag-Biska ka, nak? Sure ka?” “O, ma. Daghan kaayo ilang accomplishments didto, “nya basin diay maapil ko sa ila mga billboards didto gawas sa eskwelahan!” “Aw o, nak, tabla ra ka’g na-artista ana. Sige, didto na enroll!” ... Read More »

Amaranth: Not Always Free

By Jed Asaph Cortes It’s not all the time that Amaranth was free. It was limited during Martial Law. It was abandoned during EDSA. It was hampered a number of times by faculty and staff. We sometimes find the pub at the mercy of admin staff, because they hold our money. We are even forced not to follow our charter ... Read More »

Where you at?

By Rey Michael Rosolada Welcome to the Visayas State University (VSU). The University prides itself as the premiere State University in the Visayas. The most noticeable feature of the VSU aside from its stylish edifices and lush vegetation is that the whole land area is very wide. It actually has a total land area of 1,479.086 hectares. The University is ... Read More »

The Four-Letter Youu

By Jed Asaph Cortes Have you ever wondered why we’re all different? Sometimes we like others because they’re different. Sometimes, we are annoyed because they’re different. How do we solve the people puzzle? Everybody is unique. No fingerprint is ever alike, even identical twins have different fingerprints. So are our likes and dislikes, our attitudes and behaviors. Imagine if you ... Read More »

Fare Hike

By Kim Kenneth Roca The sudden increase of fuel prices in the world market spurred drastic changes in prices of products and services. And there’s no question about it. What used to be a seven peso Banana Cue now costs a student eight peso coins. But there is certainly more to the issue than the banana cue we munch for ... Read More »

Freshmen Impressions

By Fiela Joyce Legua They say first impression lasts. Indeed! But what is IMPRESSION then? Impression is something that stays in somebody’s mind: a lasting effect, opinion, or mental image of somebody or something and/or a general idea: a belief about or understanding of something. We all know that Visayas State University progressed in the number of freshmen enrollees for ... Read More »

Tira Pasagad

By Ian Kim Gahoy and Bonn Troy Boñola Wheew. Klase nasad. Humana ang bakasyon. Balik na sad ta og eskwela ani, balik nasad sa Beska. Kita nasad ta sa atong mga crush og mga dili crush, sa mga classmate og instructors nga atong ganahan og dili ganahan. Unsa’y naa karon nga sem? Daghan! Lingaw. Labi na diri sa Beska nga ... Read More »

VSU Notable Achievements

By Rey Michael Rosolada The 2010-2011 School year was truly a very memorable year for our school, the Visayas State University. After all,in that year alone,the University’s reputation as one of the best State Universities in the region was further established by numerous awards and recognitions given to the school, school orgs as well as to some of the member ... Read More »


By Bonn Troy Boñola Internet usage is at its height. Millions of downloads are processed by the minute; billions of information are being shared and processed by the second. This is the Age of Information Revolution. And the more we use it, the more our minds are clouded; the more we forget the beauty of the conventional means: Encyclopedias. Dictionaries. ... Read More »

To USSC: Use the Power of Four

Students who have been here since 2009 could recall the start of a campaign. This campaign was to correct the student government system of VSU. It was also the time when people thought the Amaranth (the one who started the campaign) and council (the student government) couldn’t work together. Amaranth has tried since 2009 to work with the student government. ... Read More »