“In a country visited by at least 20 typhoons every year, and where other natural disasters occur, information is as important as food and shelter.”

WALANG PASOK. Classes are suspended on January 16, Monday, as some campus roads became impassable due to floods. Photo by Weneline Baliña/Amaranth.

A low pressure area off Samar island has brought heavy rains and flooding, rendering some campus roads impassable.

2nd semester enrollment

Long queues greeted the returning students of Visayas State University, fresh from their holiday breaks to enroll for the 2nd semester.

Four of the winners are Amaranth staff.

The Supreme Court ruling on Marcos’ burial didn’t escape the discussion.

They met at the sidelines of SCUAA 2016 to form their organization.

Recognizing which school raked in the most number of medals for their hard work is fair. Declaring an “overall champion” based on a point system is not. It is problematic.

The choice lies on the hands of our college presidents on April this year and it is our responsibility as members to encourage them to make a good choice.

There’s a good reason why a lot of us don’t see student politics as a “big deal”.

Cartoon by Zeal Conbrio Artajo/Amaranth.

Our student government is not set up the way it should be. And because of that, it is not functioning well, if at all.

We have just witnessed the historic Investiture ceremony of the 6th President of VSU. And we’ve asked some students about their hopes for the University, under the leadership of our Dr. Edgardo Tulin.

Several commodities like garlic, ginger and rice had a price hike. You may think it is not really unusual but what if I tell you that the price raise doubled the normal price?

Ate Cherrie is now making a name for herself globally. Recently, she had been awarded as one of the 2016 Ten Outstanding Women in the Nation's Service, and the 'Earth Mover' award through Rappler on Move.Ph.

DOTA 2 is a 3d version of the popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle ARENA) Craze 'DOTA'. It caught popularity fast, and has since become a Filipino favorite, six years into its release. But only recently have we become really prominent in the International scene, with teams 'TNC', 'Mineski', and 'Execration' stepping up.

Be inspired by this story of a little guy with big dreams.


"Research is what makes Visayas State University (VSU) stand out among all other SUCs."


After being most of his life on Earth with limited contact to humans, Gardner can only learn to be one from the internet and the couple of adults that live with him in Mars.

Awards keep pouring in for AGREA CEO, proud farmer, and VSU alumna Cherrie Atilano.

We need to think before we leap, let us be informed and prepared because the best prevention of the disease is by being well-informed.

How to make the most out of modern technology.

This is no science fiction. Really, if burning of fossil fuels such as coals are not minimized, the situation above would not be superficial as it now appears to be.

“The quickest way to handicap the brain is to deprive it of sleep. If university students are trying to do a good job and be successful, they ought to give sleeping a first priority if they want to use brains.” - Dr. Stanley Harris

So, how's your sleep last night?

A number of Naval State University athletes fail to meet residency requirements, and one was a former star player from another school.

The soil, not flattened by a steam roller, started to wear down from the running.

Alevio said he would ask his VSU counterpart, Dr. Aleli Villocino, for advice during the preparations.

With a theme, “Breaking Records, Reaping Honors, Boosting Morale”, the 2014 reggional State Colleges and University Athletic Association (SCUAA) held its 30th Regional Meet, hosted by the University of Eastern Philippines (UEP), in Catarman, Northern Samar on October 19-24, 2014, where Visayas State University athletes once again showed off their competent skills and garnered 50 gold, 26 silver, and 44 bronze medals.

The secretariat’s overall tallies and rankings do not reflect how the schools really performed.