The election for the University Supreme Student Council (USSC) is fast approaching and it would be a critical time for the College Supreme Student Councils (CSSC) to choose and vote for the next student regent who will serve as the voice of the students.

To give our CSSC the knowledge of what the students want from a leader, I’ve interviewed some students from different colleges and branch campuses. Here are what they’ve said:

Active, available siya always dayun naa siyay daghang ideas, creative, nay pasensya, gwapo/gwapa para pud kong nay meeting, ma-inspired pud mu.attend ang mga students.
- Ezel Anne N. Pardillo, AB English

Ay dapat responsible hiya. As a leader you must have a good attitude towards people. Tapos good model ka geap ha imo igkasi-estudyante, ngan open-minded ka geap ha imo mga members kun anu man it mga problema nga iyo naatubang.
- Joyce Ann Calinao, BSEd – 3 (Tolosa Campus)

Kanang nay leadership, kanang gusto pud makatabang sa uban tawo. dili lang para sa kaugalingon, unya kasaligan og pwede maduulan. A good model as a leader and a student.
- Adrian Tolero, BSCS – 3

He/She must be a “good-listener”, responsible, active, masayahin para good vibes and approachable.
- Kathleen M. Parrilla, BSAB – 4

Usa ka leader na di lang dapat concern about sa iya mga co-officer but also to other small organizations sa university. Para sa magiging USSC President, maski naa naka sa taas na rank dili nimo dapat kalimtan ang naa sa ubos nimo.
- James Paul Pernito, BSAB – 4

“A good leader has a sense of humor but has authenticity of his personality and core values. A leader must be emotionally stable and intelligent to make decisions and work things out; must be flexible and easy to adapt any circumstances he/she might gonna face. A good leader is hard to find, but surely, he exists”
- Nico Adam Antipala, BSBioTech – 3

The students have spoken. Their answers may vary but suggest that our student government needs a good and competent leader. The choice lies on the hands of our college presidents on April this year and it is our responsibility as members to encourage them to make a good choice.

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