The 90th Anniversary or VSU’s Emerald Year came and went. Years fly by and before we know it, we would have already reached the Centennial. Change is inevitable and it makes sense that in the decade before VSU’s 100th year there would be many changes in our university.
How do you see VSU past the 90th year?

Jackie BSAB-4
“I can see improvement; there will be a lot of changes in our facilities, teaching force, and also in our environment. I foresee an improved VSU.”

Raven Fajardo BSHRTM-1
“It will take many preparations for the upcoming centennial year; changes would be seen in the campus environment as the years will pass. For sure the alumni will be gather that year. The gathering will further bring more programs to the school.”

Joni Franz Davis DVM-2
“I can see VSU reaching its Centennial year as an overpopulated school, because it offers cheap tuition fees for students who were not given a chance to have a good status in life. And VSU offer great opportunities for those less fortunate people who dream high. VSU will be a popular school because it produces topnotchers.”

Ian Dave Custodio BSEcon-4
“I see that in the next years to come there will be new facilities here in the university, laboratory equipment and others. There will be more expansions and installations of buildings and classrooms.”

Cloyd Rempillo BSEd MAPEH-2
“I think in the next years to come, VSU will produce more professionals, more degree programs will be endorsed or offered, more educational facilities will be seen in the campus.”

There you have it. To sum up all the sentiments and comments, expectations and predictions of our fellow students may be fulfilled if all of us will take part in making and building our university to its finest. That in VSU: “Excellence is a lifestyle”. It is good to note that VSU students are looking forward to a better university in the future. These suggestions, comments and views, however, are worthy of the administrations’ attention and consideration.

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