There’s a good reason why a lot of us don’t see student politics as a “big deal”.

Cartoon by Zeal Conbrio Artajo/Amaranth.

Our student government is not set up the way it should be. And because of that, it is not functioning well, if at all.

Truly, students must pass pinholes every examination, not only on the studying part but because of the things you must do prior to this. Well, I’m referring to the process of securing the one-way ticket to failing or passing—the examination permit.

Most of us fear death right? Without being aware that riding a multicab now is as furious as death. Haven’t you noticed that the one-seat passenger policy beside the driver’s seat has been violated and become a two-passenger seat? The supposedly comfortable sitting area beside the driver has now become the most uneasiest.

Several commodities like garlic, ginger and rice had a price hike. You may think it is not really unusual but what if I tell you that the price raise doubled the normal price?


A simple response or a quick smile could do the trick, but I don’t know why they can’t manage to give it.

Having the 5-day class policy might not be that bad as it appears.

Let’s fight student apathy. These matters are not matters to be taken for granted but to be stood up against. Don’t you care? You should. 

Free tuition fees and monthly allowances are among the benefits scholarship grants offer to students. That is why majority of the students want to be scholars and maintain their grants as much as possible.

During every anniversary, it has been a tradition that each course/course-related organization has its own t-shirt. So, every year, we see different colored, weird-looking designed t-shirts worn by students of different courses or different organizations. If you look at this trend once, you will never notice the irony of it. But if you’ll look twice, this is what you’ll discover:

An avenue of informal and unconstrained show-off of technical know-how’s or the lack of skill in designing. The result? A hodgepodge of different designs that make VSU void of a feeling as one entity.