AFTER THOSE sleepless nights of studying for the final examination, it’s now time to face the appalling results. For sure, students are half-afraid and half-eager to know how they fared. Who would not be, especially if the subject was really difficult, or if it was your second or third time to take the course?

Truly, students must pass pinholes every examination, not only on the studying part but because of the things you must do prior to this. Well, I’m referring to the process of securing the one-way ticket to failing or passing—the examination permit.

As indicated in the rules, no one could take the examination without securing a permit first. Though they have a purpose for this, I still stand that ample consideration should be afforded to students who couldn’t secure it on time. I’m referring to those who have good reasons why they can’t and do not (get exam permit) because of negligence or laziness. Good thing some teachers consider students’ inability to get an examination permit on time, but there are still those who don’t. This then leaves the students no choice but to secure it on time and go over the tedious, taxing, stressful, and mind-numbing process of acquiring an examination permit.

Well, for a fact, each time I go and acquire an examination permit is like a torture, and I bet this is no far from what the others also feel. Let’s start with the assessment. An assessment slip is very important because that little piece of paper contains how much you still have to pay. Before you acquire this, you need to fall in line, in which in most cases, is long to death; not to mention the tepid temperature due to the number of students and the small area there is. Good thing that now they usually provide seats or fans (occasionally) to lessen the student’s burden; at least they are now showing care.

Aside from that, their turtle pace release of assessment papers is also noticeable; and I could name five reasons why is it so.

First, the number of students outnumbers the people in tasked in the distribution. Imagine there are only two or three who do this; sometimes it is even done by one person only. With an imbalanced ratio, how could they attain a quick release of assessment slips?

Second, students who are in line usually bring extra ID’s with them, of their classmates’ and/or roommates’, delaying the process and doom the other students who are on the line.

Third, there are students who don’t fall in line, if not insert: a reflection of how impolite if not rude the students are sometimes.

Fourth, the assessment distributors are not prepared to release the assessment papers upon receiving the ID’s of the students. This is because they don’t check the amounts indicated on the assessment papers prior to their days of release. Which means, before they could hand the assessment to you, they still need to look it up in the computer and verify it. There are even cases where in they haven’t indicated anything and write the amount on the same day you’ll get your assessment!

And fifth, the assessment area is where the examination permits are also released after paying. This then suggest that the students who fall in line in the assessment area are a combination of those who haven’t got any assessment papers yet and those that are ready to get their permits. And taking consideration of the number of distributors, how on earth could they hasten their work?!

Their slow pace of assessment distribution, however, could be summed up into one causelack of management and strategy.

The students have their part of this problem as well. As I have noticed, some students wait when it’s on the brim of examination before processing their permits. People have these kind of mentality; of not doing what could be done even their time allows them to do so. If students just process their examination permits earlier then this dilemma could be reduced.

Knowing that everyone could be pointed as culprits, we should then find ways on how to get rid of these problems we have created. Tell me, who don’t want to have a stress free process of acquiring their permit?

Therefore, may I suggest these…

This goes to the students. If the time allows us to process the permit, do it there and then. Bringing of extra ID’s for assessment should not be tolerated as well. Just put into consideration the people who are on the line behind you, who are as tired as you, and are waiting for you to finish. We should follow rules as well. As college students, it is expected that we already know what’s wrong or right. Learn to respect the others by not barging into the line and insert yourself.

This is for the management and employees. If possible, there should be division of labor and more employees should attend to students. There should be separate distribution area for examination permits and assessment papers. Remember, you can’t serve two masters at the same time. On the other hand, the management should be commended for their effort on applying this last midterms. However, they still lack proper planning.

Also, it is very important to check the assessment papers before hand. It should be done days or weeks before releasing the assessments to eliminate hassles during distribution.

And, wouldn’t it be better if the assessment papers will be given to the departments instead? Well, of course these papers should be thoroughly checked first. By doing so we could eliminate the crowd in the building. Keep in mind that the Administration building is more than a place of processing examination permits. There are still other employees who are working, including officials in the university, that could be disturbed by the noise of the crowd.

Therefore, those who want to pay and want to get their permits are just the ones who go to the building. You see, most of the students get their assessment first and just go back another day to secure money for payments. If they could have their assessment papers from their departments, it will surely minimize the number of students who go to the administration building.

This is also advantageous to the part of the students; since they need not to climb a hill just to get their assessment papers. Their departments are more accessible and with the population there is in a department, it could be easier in the part of distributors. Well, this should be with the consent of the departments and I hope they will be convinced that this will be for their students’ welfare.

With these suggestions, I hope the problem on the process of obtaining examination permits will be realized. Proper actions and planning should be done to find ways in making the process lighter in the part of the students and the employees. I just hope that on the next major examination, I would no longer go over the same dilemma again.

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