Library, cash division, or other offices in the University- what do you think make these workplaces alike?

Every time I go to these places, there’s one thing that I can’t help but notice. It’s not the busyness of the people, nor the jammed papers on their desk. But, the long faces that greet you while they attend to your queries, problems, or businesses. You could hardly see employees entertain you with a smile or greet you a “good day” back.

As much as I want to be respectful, I greet them good day or say thanks but receive none in return. I can’t help but get upset to them sometimes for acting such. Imagine what you will feel if you are in a situation like that. You were there, trying to be nice but was paid with nothing except with a long face, a pair of frowned eyebrows, an unwelcome feeling. They are adults; aren’t they the ones who’re supposed to know what could someone feel if treated like that?

A simple response or a quick smile could do the trick, but I don’t know why they can’t manage to give it. It’s not as if they will be loosing a million pesos if they’ll do it. Don’t they know that these simple gestures could actually make someone feel that their presence is welcome, and not feel intimidated nor fear? Isn’t this institution supposed to offer this to the students—to let them feel welcome, that their presence is respected? I’m not saying that all of them are like this, but most are.

Well ma’ams and sirs, I understand that you might be tired or stressed with those loads of work, but I think it’s just all part of being “professionals”, and that’s what you are, right?

Having gestures like smiling and saying “hi” or “good day” is no burden and could even go far. Smiling could even benefit you in return. Don’t you know that smiling relieves stress: a good way to stay positive over piles of work? It can even boost your immune system because in the process, you are relaxed. Moreover, if you have high blood pressure, smiling is one affordable way to staying healthy. And admit it, smiling makes you appear attractive and could actually make you look younger. So, why keep those long faces when you can smile and gain all of these? With a smile and a greeting, perhaps, students would change their misconceptions about you. They’ll no longer think you’re one Cruela or Ursula. It is just a simple gesture that actually means a lot to us, students. By doing so, you are telling us that our presence is welcomed, as if you are happy to see us and willing to serve. So, remove those long faces, drop those eyebrows and erase those ripples on your foreheads. Those things will just make you age more and appear someone else, whom you may not.

Now is the right time to change these wrong doings. With a new president in the University, employees need to consider ample changes as well.

Smile and stay healthy; frown and you’ll appear hoary!

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