Free tuition fees and monthly allowances are among the benefits scholarship grants offer to students. That is why majority of the students want to be scholars and maintain their grants as much as possible. Expectedly, those who are aspiring scholars apply for a slot every semester. This is basically done by submitting their grades and certificates of registration to the USSO. However the USSO assigns a deadline for the submission of the said scholarship requirement when the Registrar has not yet printed and furnished a student’s copy of grades.

Consequently, students applying for the scholarship get pressured to meet the deadline. As recourse, the course-in-charge would advice students to pay Php 25.00 to the cash division to get a certified copy of their grades.

This scenario happens every second semester since 2004. It’s better that when the first semester opens this case is minimized because they have more time to prepare the grades. Anyway, perhaps the scholarship applications can be smoothened if the deadline of the submission of scholarship requirement would be the time when the documents needed from the Registrar are ready. Then the students will be spared from paying the Php 25.00 as this could buy a decent meal at the canteen.

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