Most of us fear death right? Without being aware that riding a multicab now is as furious as death. Haven’t you noticed that the one-seat passenger policy beside the driver’s seat has been violated and become a two-passenger seat? The supposedly comfortable sitting area beside the driver has now become the most uneasiest.

I’ve noticed that the driver finds it hard to control the steering wheel. And we all know that the way to VSU passes through have quite a number of curves. What if there was a head-on collision? How could he steer the vehicle to safety if he still needs to wiggle three-some crowd in the front seat? It’s an invitation to disaster.

Despite the imminent danger, this is the prevailing practice. We just can’t imagine why these drivers risk their lives and their passengers’ lives in exchange for the extra fare? Well, we’ve come up with two probable reasons: one is for them to earn additional money and second is for them to have a chance to touch some girl’s thighs (should I say?). I’m warning you girls who are fond of wearing mini-skirts, you should be mindful of some drivers who touch some of your skin when they control the gear. I know that this is not true to all multicab drivers of course.

Passengers on the other hand, should be responsible and vigilant enough to step out of the front seat in your mini-skirt or report these drivers to the LTO (unless, some want their thighs to be brushed once in a while?).

Now laying aside this case, the fact that our comfort and safety are sacrificed, then both the passengers and the drivers should take heed.

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