NAVAL, Biliran — Athletes from Visayas State University (VSU), Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU), Palompon Institute of Technology (PIT) and Leyte Normal University (LNU) suffered injuries in the track and field event in different heats due to loose soil on October 24, 2016, Monday.

The athletic track events started out fine, but met problems as soon as the soil at the Naval State University (NSU) track oval, not flattened by a steam roller, started to wear down from the running.

The athlete from LNU was admitted to the mobile clinic near the oval, and was brought shortly after to the Biliran Provincial Hospital because of heat stroke. Despite this, he was still able to recover and run in the afternoon. The other three athletes, who only got minor injuries, were able to get back on track immediately.

In an interview, VSU athlete JC Boyles said that there were uneven parts in the oval:

“Naay uneven parts in the last ten meters. Naay holes kay previously, naa nay nagdagan ato unya natapilok ko.”

(There were uneven parts in the last ten meters. The holes created by the previous runners caused me to trip down.)

EVSU's Ruel Omega, who practiced on standard tracks, collapsed because he exerted more effort in treading over the more challenging track.

“Iyan din ang sabi ng ibang players tungkol sa lupa na parang lumulubog ang paa nila. Unang kita pa lang namin dito, alam na naming ang kondisyon ng lupa," he said.

(Other players also have the same concerns about the sand which makes their feet to sink in. The first time we’ve seen the track oval, we already know the condition of the soil)

The concern about the loose soil was already raised beforehand, but was only addressed later Monday evening with a steam roller finally flattening and compacting the track.

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