HAZY. Mt. Pangasugan obscured from clear sight by thick haze. Photo by Jed Asaph Cortes

 BAYBAY CITY, Leyte - Has the haze from Indonesia reached VSU?

Thick haze has covered the Visayas State University - Main Campus, amidst the on-going celebration of the system-wide intramural games.

The haze first became visible in VSU a week ago, when Typhoon Lingling (locally known as Liwayway) entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR). According to Chief Meteorology Officer of VSU PAGASA, Mr. Manuel Villa, it is possible that the thick haze is due to the forest fires happening in Indonesia.

Indonesia is located southwest of Leyte, Philippines. With brewing typhoons and low pressure areas located northeast of the country, the haze caused by the Indonesian forest fires may have already reached Leyte.

“Posible nga ang thick haze kay tungod sa forest fire sa Indonesia. Kay southwest monsoon man ta karon unya usa sad sa factor kay ang mga bagyo kay located man sila sa Northeast. Kung wala ang bagyo dili ma enhance ang thick haze,” said Mr. Villa.

Reports on the forest fires in Indonesia started in July, causing Indonesia and its neighboring countries to be covered in a “thick, toxic cloud that has sickened people and endangered wildlife”.

Metro Cebu has confirmed experiencing hazy weather condition caused by the forest fire in Indonesia. This information was confirmed by the Environmental Management Bureau in Central Visayas (EMB-7), as reported by the Cebu Daily News.

The “haze caused by the forest fires can cause air pollution that can bring about health risks for respiratory tract infections and cardiac ailments," added the EMB-7. They advised the public to be extra cautious and stay indoors.

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