TUYOK. Inauguration of the VSU transport system last December 1, 2017 during the Pasko sa VSU Christmas lighting celebration. Photo by Vic Gilos

BAYBAY CITY, Leyte — The long promised transport loop system by VSU Pres. Edgardo E. Tulin a year ago, has now been realized. The vehicles, more popularly known as “Tuyok,” was inaugurated during the Pasko sa VSU Christmas lighting celebration, on December 1, 2017.

The Tuyok vehicles first operated during the #SCUAA2017 last December 9 to 14 and has since been accommodating passengers. As of today, two of the four units are being utilized while the other two are being fixed.

"Sa pagka-karon, ang mga unit nga nagdagan kay duha palang. The other two kay i-adjust pa ang mga rearside wheels kay nakita man ang mga diperensiya paggamit during SCUAA. Around next week, all units are expected to operate,” Engr. Marlon G. Burlas, Head Officer of Heavy Equipment and Light Vehicles Maintenance Unit (HELVMU), explained.

[As of now, there are still two units currently operating. The other two are under repair since damages were discovered while they were used during the SCUAA. We expect that all units will operate by next week.]

The General Services Division disclosed some details of the transport loop system that students should take note.

According to Engr. Burlas, the initial agreement with the President for the operating hours of the Tuyok vehicles in the morning is 6:30 AM–8:30 AM. It will then will resume operation by 11 AM–6:30 PM.

“6:30 will be the earliest call time as initially agreed with the President. The vehicles will be waiting at the VSU Pavilion. The four units will follow four different routes,” Engr. Burlas said.



The photo shows the layout of planned routes for Tuyok.

The Tuyok vehicles will be following these transport loop routes:

Route 1: Pavilion, Beach Garden, Infirmary, Guard Post 1 & 2, DAEE, RDE Road, Forestry, COE & vice versa

Route 2: Pavilion, Tennis Court, Balay Alumni, Guard Post 1 & 2, Ecopark, DLABS, Admin, RDE Road & vice versa

Route 3: Pavilion, Apartment, Market, Guard Post 1 & 2, ISR, Library, IHK, Gym & vice versa

Route 4: Pavilion, Tennis Court, VFES, Balay Alumni, Guard Post 1 & 2, PCC, AniSci, Upper Oval, IHK & vice versa

The waiting areas include the Beach Garden, Infirmary, Guard Posts, Market, Apartment, VFES, Tennis Court, and Balay Alumni.

The drop-off points include the DAEE, RDE, Forestry, Admin, USSO, Eco Park, ISR, DCST, IHK, AniSci, and PCC.

For now, the GSD is still following the Tuyok Free Ride Service Policy since no memorandum has yet arrived in the HELVMU office for instructions on the implementation of payment and what mode will be followed. President Tulin said that he will be calling for a general assembly to discuss the mode of payment students for the Tuyok. This may be “through tickets, passes or showing of IDs,” according to the HELVMU Head Officer.

“Supposedly, today is the last day of the Tuyok Free Ride Service Policy. But since an official memorandum [that will give the instructions] on the mode of payment has not yet arrived, we still don’t know how payments will be administered. Hence, it will still be for free,” Engr. Burlas said.

The Head Officer of HELVMU also clarified that it won’t be a door-to-door system but a point-to-point unloading system.

“We will put signages where the common and drop off stations, loading and unloading areas will be located. So, it will not be a door-to-door, but instead a point-to-point system. There will only be common stations for drop off points.”

According to the engineer, the production of the signages is still in progress. The putting up of the signages will be finalized simultaneously with the implementation of payments for the Tuyok.

“The fabrication of the signages is still ongoing, but we will rush this if the President will already decide on the implementation of the fare,” Engr. Burlas added.

VSU’s Security Office also emphasized stricter banning of habal-habal and cab entrances to the university premises.

“Dugay naman gud ni nga ‘No Habal-Habal Policy’. Karon nga naa na ang transport loop system, the more nga wala nay rason ang mga habal-habal drivers ug bisan pa ang mga multicab drivers nga musulod sa eskwelahan. Sa mag estudyante sad, dili na unta magpugos na magpahatod sa mga habal-habal pasulod sa eskwelahan kay kani nga policy para ra man ni mahapsay ta ug para sa seguridad sa tanan,” Henry Posas, Security Guard of the Security Office said.

[The ‘No Habal-Habal Policy’ has been long implemented and now that there is already transport loop system, there’s no more reason for habal-habal drivers and even cab drivers to enter the campus premises. May the students also stop requesting habal-habal drivers to drive them to the campus.]

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