ACADEMIC CONVOCATION. Pres. Edgardo E. Tulin delivers his second State of the University Adress at the VSU gymnatorium. Photo from VSU Web Team

BAYBAY CITY, Leyte–In his 2nd State of the University Address (SUA), VSU President Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin emphasized that VSU should strive more to become a globally competitive university in the field of science, technology and environmental conservation now that the 10- year strategic plan has been approved.

“We should all live by our core values of Relevance, Integrity, Truth and Excellence to guide us in our respective responsibilities for the realization of this plan,” Tulin said.

He presented the path of the university anchored on seven strategic goals: the World class education, Globally competitive S& T, Empowered communities, Sustainable Resource Generation, Client- centred governance, Versatile Spaces for Innovation and Strong Alumni Engagement.

As the plan adds up to the achievements of the university, he also shared with humility other major accomplishments.


  • VSU has been awarded as by AACUP a Level III Accreditation, the first and only in the country.
  • Programs in Biology, Food Science and Technology, Development Communication, Computer Science, Chemistry, Forestry, Agricultural Engineering and Veterinary Medicine have passed Level II.
  • Upon submission to the Regional level, VSU has qualified for the Level V, the highest level prescribed in the instrument of CHED.
  • Some programs in the satellite campuses have passed Level I and others are evaluated for Level II accreditation.

Infrastructure and Facilities                                                                                                          

  • Construction of the Dept. of Biotechnology building is almost complete and the construction of the Regional Climate Change Research and Development Centre has started.
  • The CME/ Education building will be made functional next year.
  • Construction of a state of the art three- storey Innovation Complex building in the research corridor of the university.
  • Construction of the four gyms for satellite campuses has been completed.
  • The fiber optic network is now up for most of the offices to expect a better internet service.
  • 4 Units of transport loop system operational in time for Christmas lighting ceremony on December 1 which will be free for one month.
  • A new fire truck has been acquired and the university will have its own ambulance soon.

Faculty Development Programs

  • Total of 136 graduate scholarship grants to VSU faculty and staff under CHED’s K- 12 transition program.
  • For the first time, the Graduate School and Open University has a total number of 455 graduate students.
  • The university has recently adopted a new name for the Master of Science in Development Communication.

Partnerships and Linkages

  • Forged relationships through Memorandums of Understandings with four big universities namely Masaryk University, Czech University, Kasetsart University and Khon Kaen University of Thailand.
  • Strengthened collaboration with Mendel University and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.
  • Possible tie- up with Manchester University in the United Kingdom.
  • Opportunities for graduate work to apply scholarship through the Campus France program and tie- up with Kasertsart University.

Students’ performance

  • Produced 2 topnotchers in Geodetic Engineering and 1 topnotcher in Agricultural Engineering Licensure Exams.

Research and Extension

  • 122 on- going R&D projects and 30 on- going extension projects.
  • 18 projects are funded by foreign partners and others are funded locally and nationally.
  • Published 42 research articles in the later part of 2016 and 15 research papers in referred journals.

Individual and Group Category Recipients

  • Philrootcrops team and Dr. Lourdes Cano as Regional winners of the Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award (Individual and Group category)
  • Men and women of VICAARP led by Dr. Othello Capuno for the National Pag- Asa award.

All these accomplishments make VSU privileged to be given an increase of budget to nearly a billion pesos, the highest in the region. President Tulin also said that this is the best time to realize and sustain our programs for us to become a globally competitive university.

The tasks ahead of us

Guided with the new vision, VSU aims to produce graduates honed in their utmost human potential. As President Tulin puts it, this will define our strength, character and aspirations.

  • The implementation of the free tuition last August will not be the same next year as the government will subsidize the free tuition plus miscellaneous fees. Moreover, scholars can still avail for their stipend.
  • Next year, the first batch of Grade 12 students will enter the university which means a big number of entrants. Tulin said that a qualifying exam will be instituted next year to ensure high quality students and give wider access to the poor students.
  • The Outcomes Based Education will also be implemented in the curriculum.
  • Provide more opportunities for student- exchange, OJT and internship programs.
  • Possibilities of offering additional graduate degree programs.
  • Allocate more funds for faculty development.
  • Require faculty members to conduct research and extension papers and likewise publish paper sin peer- reviewed journals.
  • Begin the expansion of the university gym.
  • Continue efforts for accreditation and certification of programs by national and international accrediting bodies.
  • Research agenda will be geared towards addressing issues of global importance.
  • Forge enduring partnerships among stakeholders.
  • Open doors for academic collaboration to other universities here and abroad.
  • Establish a management information support system.
  • Involve alumni in the crafting and design of university programs and projects.

As the president celebrates his two years in service, he challenged everybody to dare to excel. He said that we are all made to fly so that we may realize our full potential as human beings.

“Let us not squabble over things that will create only division and dislike. After all, we are only temporary in this world and our services is part of our journey called life,” President Edgardo E. Tulin

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