The world never fails to fascinate me. The magic of a leaf, the fragrance of a rose, and the beauty of the sunset always take my breath away. I can still recall how excited I was during my childhood days, when I gazed at the patterns of stars on a summer night sky. I couldn’t help but be still, wrapped in awe and respect as nature unveils itself to me for a moment, giving me the privilege glimpse of her radiant beauty. Yet, nature seems to be more fascinating when she puts on her veil again.

I became more curious than ever as years went by. I can still remember dreaming to be an astronaut and travel to the farthest corners of the heavens, and even discover other “universes.” I can also recall imagining myself as a doctor and cure all kinds of illnesses; or a biologist, a chemist or another man of science to know the secrets of the universe and unlock its mysteries for the benefit of humanity, to solve and eradicate the world’s evils, to prolong life or even to discover the secret of immortality. You may laugh and say that these dreams are bizarre and childish. But why can’t I find a fellow dreamer in you?

I even dreamt that I am God! I took delight in the arts and I know how happy, satisfied, and how proud a creator feels with regards to his masterpiece. You might think and say I am a fool. The religious among you might exclaim “blasphemy“ and condemn me.

Why can’t I find a fellow dreamer and blasphemer in you?

Remember that the great men and women who have contributed so much to the advancement of human race were not just dreamers but great dreamers. But despite of all odds, they still lived up to their dreams. What would have the world been without these great dreamers and their living up to their dreams?

Therefore, let us dream big and keep these dreams alive no matter how bizarre and wild they are! Let’s let our dreams propel us until we have lived up to fulfill them.

Dream with me.

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