somewhere in this vast universe

there’s someone

yeah, someone—
i really hate to admit—
that struck me.
i couldn’t believe:
nothing have come my way,
something like this,
(as if it floods me with countless mindful thoughts)
and i couldn’t even think
of how it came to me.
all that matters
is that
someone like me
existing in this seemingly endless
unfathomable piece of space
would meet a person
(yeah, some plain person,
just another person
to the world
but for me
that person is my world),
and fall helplessly
like the autumn leaf to the ground
in deep admiration
for that person in the world,
which for me
is my world.
the main reason
why such a person
like me
would dare to say
something like this
to my world
(which is her)
is that
i would rather dare to say this
and continue to exist
than to keep
what transpires in mind and heart,
never to freak out,
and squeeze life from me,
like sap from a tree,
and discontinue my being.
what i hope
is that
that person
would appreciate
the one
who appreciates her—

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