Have you turned your radio on and tuned in to 104.7 FM? Yes! The Visayas State University (VSU) is now on air through its DYDC FM, your development campus radio station.

104.7 DYDC FM started its test broadcast on June 9, 2014, running at 10 watts. This means the people within 10 km radius can listen to DYDC if not obstructed by high rise buildings or mountains.

Marissa Cano, DYDC program producer and announcer, said that as soon as the permit to operate gets approved by the National Telecommunications Company (NTC), DYDC will run with a wider reach.

DYDC FM was DYAC in 1982, an AM station with a frequency of 1449 KHz. DYAC could reach Western Visayas, Nothern Mindanao, and Southern Luzon then. Several farmers benefited from listening to DYAC’s school-in-the-air programs in agriculture and livelihood.

Gregorio Monte, a farmer in Ormoc City, said he missed DYAC’s school-in-the-air programs on livestock farming. Monte is 2006 Ugmad Outstanding Farmer Awardee.

DYAC stopped operating when its transmitter was damaged. It was revived and changed to DYDC FM this year when the Commission on Higher Education granted VSU with 1.5 million pesos for the repair of the station.

The radio station shifted from AM to FM in response to the listeners’ survey which showed that most people listen to FM than AM radio. Moreover, FM stations are easy to maintain, and its parts and equipment are way cheaper and more readily available than in AM stations. The cost of electricity in FM stations is lesser too.

DYDC FM is a non-profit and an educational radio station.

Commercials such as those you usually hear in other FM stations will not be aired in DYDC.

The campus radio station is also training venue for Development Communication students majoring in community broadcasting. VSU president Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo said DYDC will also be capitalized for research and extension purposes.

Contact them at 09323845887, 09056194474
On air every Mondays to Fridays, 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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