Tiny thoughts of a freshman who longed for an exciting college life


Independence. Maturity. Graduating.

Growing up, I have these things in mind when thinking of going to college. I love the idea of seeing myself grow up. When thinking of what my life would be like in college, I always see myself attending a university away from my hometown— living in a boarding house or dormitory and learning how things work on my own. This is my ideal college life. Let me guess what you’re thinking— this is a Viscan's life isn't it?

Never have I dreamed of enrolling in any other school other than VSU, not just because it was away from home but because my mom is an alumna of VSU. Being with her— I saw what it means to be a Viscan.

The day I took the VSU College Admission Test is so far one of the best days of my life. The courses I have considered taking up in college have been transient as years passed by but one thing that never changed was that I really wanted to enroll, study and graduate in VSU.

Looking back, it was quite funny for me and my friends to believe that the tree with a clay-colored trunk at the Eco Park had something to do with our chance of passing the entrance exam. I was quite desperate then to the point that I needed to rely on a tree’s luck just to become a Viscan. Can you blame me? It was my lifelong dream to be one.

It may seem silly, but being scolded by the guard for not using the sidewalk made me want to know more about VSU. It marked an impression that Viscans are trained to be disciplined and well mannered. It made me feel that every step I took on the campus was a great privilege.

I was also fortunate to have witnessed a very mesmerizing sunrise that day. While staring at it with awe, I once again wondered how it feels to be a Viscan— to be able to experience every sunrise and sunset in this university between the mountain and the sea.

Independent. Mature. A VSU Almuna.

I can never be more thankful that I am a few steps closer now to becoming this person whom I just used to imagine before. Pursuing my dream course in the university I have dreamed of enrolling in ever since is a great blessing. I could not ask for more.

I strongly hope that VSU will help me develop values of truth, relevance, integrity, and passion necessary to be a competent citizen of the Philippines. My heart is looking forward to growing more as a person and to be someone who others can look up to as one of VSU's pride.

This pandemic may have delayed us, the incoming freshmen, from experiencing what our upperclassmen have gone through— the welcome nights, the election of various representatives, and the beginning of college life as a whole but it can never take away the eagerness in us to learn and strive for excellence in the university we chose.

Adjusting to the new normal is not as easy as 1-2-3. Things will be hard, nonetheless exciting. We may not know everything that the faculty and staff in the institution are doing, but hopefully, no Viscan will be left behind. With their efforts unannounced and hard work unrevealed, being a Viscan is becoming glorious more and more each day.

Though the pandemic is yet to end, we still have the power to hope and pray for things to get better each day. I myself cannot wait for days to come where I can finally meet in person the batchmates I have created relationships with virtually.

However, patience is a must these days. Knowing how hard at work the VSU faculty and staff are right now just to give us what we need, my worries of not yet being able to enjoy my days as a freshman is but a trivial thing. What I am holding on to now is the hope of finally seeing the beautiful rainbow after this piercing rain.

Edited by Lois Mauri Anne L. Liwanag

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