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Problem is Part of the Game!

Amaranth randomly interviewed various students from the different factions about their concerns on the ongoing intramurals. Here the major problems that most factions rant about. Conflicting game schedule. Conflicting time and the sudden changes in the game schedule is one of the concerns during the intramurals. Athletes complained because they were confused on the right schedule and the right time, ... Read More »

Intramurals 2013 or 2012?

Visayas State University (VSU) Intamurals 2013 is almost over. Results are the most anticipated by everyone. Now that satellite campuses are here again, competition is getting tougher. Let us say that last year’s intramurals was just for the main campus since system wide intramurals only happens every two years, what could be the people’s voice in the main campus about ... Read More »

VOX POP Intrams Year 2k13

Ok players, participants line up! The Intramural Games 2013 finally opens but this time we’ll compete with the satellite campuses of our University. Athletes and contenders gathered their strength for this special event that they have all been waiting for, engaging into different areas of sports, games, contests, pop dancers, mass dance and many others. Before the parade undertakes we ... Read More »

Bet for the Best

Intramurals is the medium for students to show off their skill in different sports. But of course to prove their best, they have to compete with other athletes. This year, VSU main campus and its satellite campuses, Tolosa, Alang-alang, Isabel and Villaba will compete for the championship title, all claiming that they will win and will bring home the bacon ... Read More »

Nganong wala’y MASCOT sa #vsuintrams? BOW!

Damug nag-wonder nganong walay mascot karun na intrams. Bisag ikaw pud nakapangutana ka. Pero bag-o pa mudako ang istorya, sugdan nato og tagsa-tagsa ang mga (posibleng) rason nganung walay mascot karung Intramurals 2013. Way Mascot kay… Iring pa gihapun ang CE “Tigers” Wala pa nalabhan si Aggies Supersonic (since its creation) Natamakan ang Villaba Crickets. Wala pa ka kita og ... Read More »

Is the money worth it?

By: Ivory Ace Palacio and Claire Larzen Tello   Intramurals may be fun, but there is one thing that students hate, when they hear the word. And that is Intramural Contributions…   Anyway, here are the varied opinions of students regarding this question, Do you think that the money you spent for the Intramural Games contribution is worth it, why ... Read More »

K-POP Flop: Why the VSU Students just don’t get it

by Kristina Ginn A. Estoy Uhm…K-pop? Pagkaon na? This year’s Songfest was different. This part of the annual Intramural Games featured contests that were definitely fresh. While previous years’ Songfests featured vocal solos and duets, and band contests, the 2012 Songfest brought in something new. No, it’s not food. Though we would’ve wished it was. K-pop and J-pop simply means ... Read More »

What’s your say?

By Kim Kenneth Roca I Call It Home” and “When I’m With You”, the most recent jingles produced by VSUfor this school year. It has been VSU’s practice to produce materials to package VSU and lure potential enrollees, and these jingles are only a few of the most recent additions. Let us hear what the students have to say about ... Read More »


By Elizabeth Lace Viojan Snakes…we can see them slithering on the gutter of the road, swimming in the canals, hiding behind a rock, snuggling under a dense bush and sometimes gliding from a tree! No, don’t take it figuratively because this is not about deceitful, vile people. We are talking about the limbless, scaly, elongate reptiles also known as serpents. ... Read More »

The Smokey Truth

By Andy Phil Cortes Ahh, the smell. I know this smell. This, I think, is excellence; and it’s near. You might not recognize it at first, but you will know it is indeed the smell of excellence. No, you’re wrong; you just smelled Tobacco smoke. Ever happened to sit by a person smoking in a public vehicle? If you are ... Read More »