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Amaranth: 30 Years in the Making

VSU’s student publication could have been Cornucopia. Or The Trek. But little did the first Amaranth people know that naming our publication as Amaranth would mean much thirty years from now.In 1980, Horizons became Amaranth. Reynaldo P. Monreal, a PlantProt Major, was the first Editor-in-Chief. He and his 12 staffers chose among 38 new names. It trickled down to three: Cornucopia, The Trek and Amaranth.Amaranth won. According to legend, Amaranth is a flower that never fades. Or does it?EDSA Uno not only ended Martial Law, it also found Amaranth fading.

The first Amaranth Revival in 1987 brought up the flower from five semesters of silence. In a kiosk beside Camotes sea, DevCom major Danny Valenzuela (now a full-fledged attorney on international human rights) and the rest of the revival team pledged to continue Amaranth’s cause.

“The 90′s were tough times for us writers,” recalled Renante “Tommy” Tomas (designer of the Amaranth logo, now a freelance graphic artist). “There was even a time when instructors clobbered our staff.”

Fearless were the staff then, the likes of Vincent Borneo, Jotham Lopez and Ritche Nuevo kept the fire ablaze. Amaranth was one of the strongest members of the College Editors’ Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) in the Visayas.

Interestingly, another EDSA Revolution in 2001 found Amaranth hibernating again (What’s with EDSA anyway?).

It was in 2005 when a group of DevCom students revived the paper for the second time under the leadership of Ev Parac.
Through fearless writing and firm advocacies, Amaranth was able to gain momentum and attract other courses to write.

Looking back, funny, the history of the Amaranth seems to suggest a new name for the publication—Phoenix. It dies and resurrects time after time. However, it’s not in the name. It’s in the student writers and the rest of the students to keep it alive. The name is more of a calling, reminding us year after year that Amaranth must live up to its name.

Rey and his team were right. They chose Amaranth because a student publication should be the last thing that would fade from this university.

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